Korean authors book on Minh Mang

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A book on Vietnam's Emperor Minh Mang (17911841) by Korean researcher Choi Byung Wook has just been released in Hanoi.

The book, titled Vung dat Nam Bo duoi trieu Minh Mang (Southern Vietnam under the reign of Minh Mang) covers the cultural and economic situation in the south of Vietnam during the king's rule from 1820-1841.

Minh Mang, who is considered the wisest and the most active of the Nguyen emperors, ruled over the largest expansion of territory in the country's history.

Last week, a bilingual book of ten Vietnamese and Korean folktales was released in the capital to promote cultural understanding between the two countries.

The 150-page book, titled Cay khe (The starfruit tree), comprises popular Vietnamese folktales (Cay khe; Banh chung banh day (Square and round glutinous rice cakes); and Cay tre tram dot (The 100 jointed bamboo tree)). Korean tales in the book include "Stream water makes you younger," "Dog and cat," and "The tiger repays a debt of gratitude."

According to Keum Gi Hyung, director of the Korean Cultural Center, there are currently 150,000 Vietnamese-Korean couples, 40,000 of whom live in South Korea. Many couples struggle to overcome language and cultural barriers that makes it difficult to learn about the literature from their partners' country.

"The book will help meet the increasing need for understanding the history and culture behind Vietnamese- Korean families, particularly for children," Hyung said.

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