Kirby brings Vietnamese classics to the streets

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British artish Lee Kirby is bringing his music to the streets of Vietnam, starting July 15 in Hanoi.

Kirby became popular in Vietnam when he posted videos of himself singing songs by the late Trinh Cong Son and others on YouTube back in 2009.

Now, Kirby is coming to the country to perform on the streets. "These will be genuine street performances, and they will be free. I will sing wherever I go - on buses, in parks, and in rice fields," said Kirby, who plans to travel through the countryside during his month-long visit.

Apart from compositions by famous musicians like Trinh Cong Son and Tran Tien, Kirby will also sing folk songs in Vietnamese. His four local companions will sing new, popular songs.

"I have sung in the countryside before. People would gather under a tree to enjoy the music and part after an hour," said Kirby.

"I am happy to entertain locals who seldom enjoy any form of recreation after a hard day's work. This tour is aimed to bring a little happiness to the people of Vietnam," said Kirby.

Kirby can sing more than 20 songs in Vietnamese but he hasn't learned enough of the language speak fluently and make a conversation.

This is not Kirby's first tour in Vietnam. In 2010, he played at a center for blind children and helped raise funds for flood victims in central Vietnam.

"Ibelieve we must do everything we love before we get old and wary," said Kirby, who is considering giving up his job in London to settle down in Vietnam.

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