King Ly resurrected in a 3D cartoon

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A 3D cartoon depicting the childhood of King Ly Thai To is set to be completed this September.

The monarch founded Vietnam's famed Ly Dynasty, which lasted from 1009 to 1225.

The 100-minute animated film describes the king's childhood in Bac Ninh Province where he was raised by monks. It recalls the ways in which he was influenced by Buddhism and northern village life.

The script, written by Doan Trieu Long, was among those honored at the state-sponsored screenwriters contest held in celebration of the Hanoi-Thang Long 1,000th anniversary.

More than 30 Vietnamese cartoonists took part in producing the cartoon over the course of two years.

Director Pham Minh Tri said he made Nguoi con cua rong (The son of the dragon) with a VND7 billion (US$366,686) investment from the government.

Tri said every aspect of the film's production took place inside Vietnam.

Despite the modest size of the budget, Tri said he was pleased that the government made the decision to invest in a 3D cartoon.

Famous artists will lend their voices to the first long-form 3D cartoon focusing on Vietnamese history. A 12-yearold boy will voice over the character of the king, who is best known for having moved the capital from Hoa Lu to Thang Long (now known as Hanoi) in 1010.

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