Khoa Le's Dreams

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Young writer and painter Khoa Le's first exhibition, titled Unravel, is at gallery L'Usine in Ho Chi Minh City until May 1.

The show features 19 digital prints on wood featuring a dreamy world of landscapes, people and small animals. With a lot of wavy movements, the paintings feature the growth, evolution and life of dreams and the natural world we've become so detached from.

Talking about her paintings and life, Khoa Le said: "I'd like to think of my life as a mixed up bunch of thread or knitting wool. Every so often, I find myself in the situation where I cannot make up my mind, don't know how to sort things out or to make things perfectly in order. So 19 years ago I clumsy sketched my first wool art with color pencils, now I find myself here unraveling my emotion through my art work."

L'Usine is located at the first floor, 151 Dong Khoi St., District 1, HCMC.

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