Jessica Minh Anh to host Petronas bridge fashion show

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Jessica Minh Anh in a poster of her international fashion show to be held on Petronas' Skybridge on March 19.

A Vietnamese model and fashion show organizer in the UK will host the first-ever fashion show on the Petronas Twin Towers' bridge in Malaysia this month.

The J Spring Fashion Show, featuring brands from across the globe, will be held on March 19 on the 58 meter long SkyBridge, connecting the world's tallest twin buildings 175 meters above street level, Jessica Minh Anh's fashion company J Model Management said in a press release.

The event will showcase collections by notable fashion houses including, among others, British fashion leader Paul Costelloe, Dutch celebrity designer Addy van den Krommenacker and Spanish sensation Chula who resides in Vietnam for eight years now.

"I feel honored to become a part of history on the landmark bridge and bring my womenswear collection to Asia. I have been looking into this market and we are so far inspired," Paul Costelloe was cited as saying in the release.

Jessica Minh Anh said the event chose the Vietnam-based Chula woman brand as it is a unique line of clothing that connects Spanish colors to Asian fabrics.

"I was drawn to Chula's designs as they seem to have combined architecture, photography, and the graphic arts amazingly well to create unique, very artistic, and exuberant individual looks," she said.

The fashion show will also give a slot for designs combining the East and West by the Malaysia-based Limkokwing University of Creative Technology as part of its high end collection.

Guests of the show country ambassadors, brand managers, fashion designers, and the international press will be brought to level 42 of the towers and seated on both sides of the Skybridge.

Each model will be walking five kilometers during the one hour and a half show.

Jessica Minh Anh earned a fame worldwide with the success of the J Autumn Fashion Show on England's iconic Tower Bridge last October.

"Many people have asked me if bridges are my thing," said Jessica.

"I say I'll host the show wherever my imagination takes me. You gotta dream big!"

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