Japanese calligrapher to hold workshops in Hanoi and Hoi An

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Japanese calligrapher Takeda Souun will demonstrate, teach and discuss his art in Hanoi and Hoi An this month

Japanese calligrapher Takeda Souun will demonstrate his chosen art form and hold workshops on the subject in Hanoi and Hoi An this month as part of the activities for the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Japan and Vietnam.

"The Power of Calligraphy", as the workshops organized by the Japanese embassy are called, will be held in Hanoi's Temple of Literature on August 17 starting at 10 a.m. and in the Meeting Hall in Hoi An's Song Hoai Square on August 24 from 3 p.m. and August 25 from 11 a.m.

Takeda Souun, who was appointed "Japan Cultural Envoy 2013" by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, has demonstrated and lectured on calligraphy extensively in the world and written many papers about the ornate writing style.

An example of his calligraphy is the name of the world heritage "Hiraizumi", the name of the Kei super computer at the Japan Technology Research Institute).

In addition, he has collaborated with musicians, sculptors and other artists as well as organized many solo exhibitions that have drawn large crowds. This is his first visit to Vietnam for the purpose of holding calligraphy demonstrations and workshops.

At the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, Takeda Souun will be joined by the Vietnamese actor and calligrapher Trung Hieu and members of the Vietnam UNESCO Calligraphy Club, while in Hoi An his activities will be part of the historic town's annual festival.

Trung Hieu is famous for his dramatic roles on television, in film and in theater. He won the award for the leading actor at the 2009 Vietnam Film Festival and was named Best Actor of 2012 by the Vietnam Stage Artist Association. He began studying calligraphy in 2001 and is now one of the leading lights of the Vietnam Young Calligraphers' Club.

Since their organization was established, the members of the Vietnam UNESCO Calligraphy Club have studied calligraphy deeply and organized events to popularize calligraphy and make it more relevant to Vietnamese people. The club is a member of the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations.

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