Int'l, local artists engage in 3D exhibition

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A group exhibition of 3D improvisations by four artists from three different countries will open at the Hanoi-based Goethe Institute at 8 p.m. on December 16.

According to a press release from the Goethe Institute, the interactive performance of the four artists playing with a mixture of light, sound and feelings is a journey "to the people's subconscious in search of a place called home."

The four different types of expressions by Danish electronic musician, composer and improviser Jacob Riis, Vietnamese photographer Dang Hao, American artist Michelle Stewart and sound artist Nguyen Thanh Thuy from Vietnam, together with their audience, will move with, against and toward one other in the 3D-improvisation held in the courtyard and exhibition hall of the institute.

"The quintet balance on this bond and strive in their journey for an exchange that through music, voice, emotion, body movements and photography creates a chain reaction," says the release.

Each link in this chain is a sentence in the conversation that develops between artist and audience.

Riis's works consist mainly of electronic and electro-acoustic music. He works for a wide variety of ensembles including big bands, chamber music ensembles, multi-channel speaker orchestras and in individual performances. A former trombonist, Riis now focuses on electronic music and is considered a laptop pioneer in the Danish experimental music scene.

Photographer Hao is a member of the Hanoi Photographers Association and works for many different magazines and newspapers as a photojournalist. He has won numerous prizes and is currently working on two projects called Movement Photograph and Vietnam Orchid.

American artist Stewart unites music and visual art in her works and performances to create a personal interpretation of her surroundings. Many of her works were created in Hanoi, in independent as well as joint productions with Vietnamese and international artists. She describes herself as a channel through which creativity can flow and be expressed.

Thuy is a sound artist in traditional and experimental music. She teaches at the Vietnam National Academy of Music and performs around the world. She has won the national prize for best performer of traditional music and has already released numerous albums.

Entrance to the event at Goethe Institute, 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, is free.

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