Indonesian artist to exhibit Chinese calligraphy in Hanoi

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In a partnership with Indonesia's Bali-based Darga Gallery, The Bui Gallery will present Energy Within: The Untitled Works of Djoko KS from September 4 to 29 in Hanoi.

The exhibit features 26 Chinese-style calligraphic paintings drawn on the burlap sacks that the artist, Djoko, uses in lieu of canvas.

Djoko's work illustrates his personal quest to find out the essence of things and of his Chinese identity, while revealing his artistic energy.

"Untitled: water color in burlap sack", one of 26 calligraphic paintings on display at The Bui Gallery in Hanoi  (Photo courtesy of Bui Gallery)

Djoko is of Chinese and Javanese descent and was born in the city of Solo. He has always been an artist who explores differences.

Energy Within is a series that brings those contrasts together in harmonious compositions.

Djoko's calligraphy, however, goes beyond the functional writing language of Chinese calligraphy.

Its object is not to create beauty with a defined linguistic meaning but to portray the gist of Chinese and Oriental spiritual tradition and to convey a philosophical message beyond the scope of language proper.

Energy Within is on display at The Bui Gallery, 23 Ngo Van So Street, Hanoi.

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