Impressions on Sa Pa

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A painting exhibit themed Impressions on Sa Pa by artist To Ngoc Thanh will be featured at Ho Chi Minh City's Tu Do Gallery from September 10-28.

The event features 34 colorful oil paintings about Sa Pa, the village scenery, traditional customs and activities.

To Ngoc Thanh is the son of the famous Vietnamese To Ngoc Van (1906-1954). In 1946 when the national resistance began, Thanh and his family evacuated to Viet Bac war zone, where his father was the first headmaster of the College of Fine Arts.

The Hanoian artist started to paint from the age of four. Once back in Hanoi in 1954, he dreamed about returning to the northwest area.

Throughout his childhood living in the mountainous areas, he became very familiar with all shades of green: from the grass, the trees, the mountains, the color of the soil together with the people and everyday activities.

As an Impressionist painter, To Ngoc Thanh will only draw when he is on location. For him, he can't draw Sa Pa while sitting in his room in Hanoi. In recent years, he has spent more time in Sa PaHanoi, where he currently resides.

Tu Do Gallery is located on 53 Ho Tung Mau Street, District 1.

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