Hot debate: Vietnam weighs ban on movie sex scenes longer than 5 seconds

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A scene from the film "Ngoi nha trong hem" (The house in the small alley) A scene from the film "Ngoi nha trong hem" (The house in the small alley)


Film censors in Vietnam have proposed a new controversial rule that will ban any steamy sex scenes that last more than five seconds in local films. 
Ngo Phuong Lan, head of the national movie bureau, added that a film will not be allowed to have "more than three hot scenes."
The proposed rule was announced at a meeting in Hanoi on Friday, and filmmakers and producers have strongly criticized it, saying it will limit artistic freedom.
Nguyen Van Nhiem, head of Studio A Vietnam, said that it is just too difficult to limit the length of a movie scene to only five seconds.
He also said sex is a natural activity and there is no need to ask artists to keep artful sex scenes short. 
Award-winning director Nguyen Thanh Van said that a movie scene should be judged for its production and artistic value, not how technically long it is.
“Some shots are under a second but they are unbearable anyway,” said Van. 
The proposed rule has also caused a lot of confusion and anger as it defines hot scenes as ones that feature "a totally nude actress." Many have interpreted that as acceptance for male nudity and called the rule sexist. 
The rule is part of a bigger plan to introduce a revised film rating system, which for the first time will have a category for films that are deemed suitable for only viewers above 18 years old. 

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