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Located in Hang Bong Street in the heart of Hanoi, Maroon is well stocked with furniture, interior décor, giftware and homeware that fuse traditional Vietnamese materials and Western design.

Maroon is the place to buy Western style sofas, tables and other furniture. If your fancy is for something in traditional Vietnamese material and style such as silk, beads, embroidery, buffalo horn, mother of pearl, and lacquer, Maroon has plenty to offer at a reasonable price.

Tableware is another specialty  on offer and is augmented by new designs every month.

Many high-class apartment blocks rely on Maroon for their interior décor, including the Lake View, Sedona Suites and Golden Lord Resort.

"Maroon has simple yet elegant sofas of good quality. They also offer free delivery," said Sarah Le, a Vietnamese-French customer.

Actually, the first impression upon entering Maroon is of a world filled with colorful handmade bedding and sofas made of silk and cotton, as well as a large spread of quilts.

It's a good place to find gifts too. There are bead picture frames, lotus and beaded candle holders, knife and fork pockets in brocade, beaded butterfly placemats in gold, lacquer trays and flower vases, to mention just some of the extensive merchandise on display.


Interior Design

Giftware & Homeware

156 Hang Bong Street, Hanoi

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