Historian awarded for work on Paracel Islands

TN News

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A Vietnamese historical researcher has just received the Ministry of Interior's Campaign Medal for his discovery of documents pertaining to Vietnam's sovereignty over the Paracel Islands.

Accordingly, the researcher Phan Thuan An, 70, from Hue Town, unveiled 86 copies of royal records issued by King Bao Dai 1938-1939, issued in Chinese, French and Vietnamese.

The French and Vietnamese copies bear the king's signature and attest to the nation's sovereignty over the islands.

These two documents, typed on the official paper used by the royal office, were created on February 3, 1939 and December 27, 1939 to bestow Long tinh (dragon star) Medals on France's head of Armed Services Louis Pontan, who passed away at the islands; and militia men from the central provinces for their role in quelling a mountainous revolt and building defensive post on the islands.

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