Hanoi's history to be told in concertos

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Two concertos meant to evoke the history of Hanoi will be performed a hundred days before the city's millennial anniversary in October.

One concerto about the Red River contains three movements written for violin and orchestra.

The other contains five chapters first about King Ly Thai To's order in 1010 to move the capital from Ninh Binh Province to Hanoi and name it Thang Long, a second about Hanoians, a third about struggles against foreign invaders, poverty and illiteracy, a fourth about the cultural and literary achievements of the capital and a fifth about the successes of the country as a whole.

The second concerto's composer, Vinh Cat, said he added the sounds of traditional festivals, gongs from the Central Highlands and dan day, a plucked lute with three strings to the work.

The works were composed from October 2008 to December 2009, and will be performed by hundreds of musicians from the National Musical Institude.

"These may be my last concertos... They are the first ones I composed directly about Hanoi," said Cat, who has composed since 1959 and is one of Vietnam's first concerto composers.

Celebrations for Hanoi's 1,000th birthday will be held for ten days, ending on the main festival day October 10.

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