Hanoi to exhibit 'Black' works

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An exhibition of controverial works, titled "Black,"will be held at the Viet Art Center in Hanoi on March 25-3, according to a press release from the center on Thursday.


The exhibition will show the works of five artists who have been featured in documentaries shown at the Hanoi Cinematheque recently: Tran Huu Nhat, Hoang Xuan Son, Tran Chi Thanh, Chu Viet Cuong and Project Black Artist leader Nguyen Minh Tan.


According to a press release from the center, the exhibition features works of five commited artists who are deemed so controversial that no gallery wants to exhibit them, though they've got something important to say.


Nguyen Minh Tan has gathered the artists together under the banner of Project Black.


"Though they are outcasts of the local art scene, the group is determined to reach out to the wider community and say "Here we are. Reject us or accept us on our own terms. You don't have to agree with us but at least we can talk," says the press release.


Viet Art Center, 42 Yet Kieu Street, is located directly adjacent to the Vietnam University of Fine Arts.


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