Hanoi to exhibit award-winning toys by Japanese designer

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A display of toys created by Japanese designer Takashi Tsunoda will take place from August 12 to Sept 9 at the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam in Hanoi.

The exhibition, called "The World of Interior Toys," will feature award-winning creations by Tsunoda, whose nickname is Twelvetone.

The event is a collaboration between the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange and the Koto Company.

Simplicity is the design philosophy of the Japanese toy designer, who has won the Good Design Awards of Japan twice (2007 and 2011) for his interior toys. His characters have been described as "cute and adorable."

Piperoid, which earned Twelvetone Good Design Award 2007, is a paper robot craft kit for both kids and adults. It is created with a pair of scissors without glue and tape.

"Just cut, fold, and connect the pipes to build your own robot with movable joints in less than 30 minutes! Each character has a unique background story, and after assembly it can be used as an accent for home or office décor and even as a memo holder," says a press release from the organizers.

Play-deco (Good Design Award 2011) is a unique craft for home décor that combines wooden "bone" with paper "skin." Each package includes paper texture sheet and wooden bone sheet that is perforated and precut so there are no tools required not even scissors.

Apart from such award-winning toys as Piperoid and Play-deco, others like the Monster Cube, which Tsunoda created with inspiration from traditional Japanese handicrafts, will also be displayed.

Born in 1975, Takashi Tsunoda graduated from Faculty of Design, Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan. While working as a game designer at KOTO, he created the Piperoid series and received the Good Design Award of Japan in 2007.

In 2009, he left KOTO and became "Twelvetone," an independent designer. In 2011, he designed Play-deco which is made of paper and wood, and received Good Design Award that year.

The exhibition starts at 2 p.m. on August 11 with the designer talking about "How to design kawaii (cute) characters." It will be held at the Japan Foundation Exhibition Hall (27 Quang Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi).

Workshops to make interior toys will be also held at 3 p.m. and 4:30 on the same day at the same place.

Admission is free but registration is required for the workshops.

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