Hanoi to cast legendary golden water buffalos

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The inauguration ceremony of casting a pair of legendary kim nguu (golden water buffalos) was held in Hanoi on May 3 with the participation of local historians.

The two buffalos, weighing three and a half tons, will be cast in bronze and will be placed at An Tho Temple in the city's Tay Ho District.

In Vietnam, water buffalos are often treated as a members of the family and even friends of the children. The saying Chong cay, vo cay, con trau di bua (The husband ploughs, the wife sows, water buffalo draws the rake) emphasizes the importance of the water buffalo in everyday family life.

In the old days, West Lake in Tay Ho District, was called Kim Nguu. Legend has it the original name of the lake is "Golden Buffalo Lake" because it was formed from the struggle of a golden buffalo after the disappearance of her calf.

The map of Hanoi in 1873 recorded a temple worshipping the creature in the same location of modern day An Tho Temple.

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