Hanoi student can eat light bulbs

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A student in Hanoi has posted the video clip featuring him eating a glass light bulb on YouTube.

Netizens have recently been busy sending the links of the clip in which Pham Van Phong of the Hanoi-based Agriculture University chewed and swallowed the broken pieces of a light bulb.

The clip lasted in two minutes and 42 seconds and was captured at Phong's apartment.

In the clip, Phong used a stick to break the light bulb and later slowly chewed the shattered pieces. After swallowing the glass, he drank water just like one had finished their meal.

Phong said he had practiced chewing and swallowing light bulbs for more than one year now and he got addicted to "the dish."

"I gradually found the sound of broken glass kind of interesting," he said.

"Chewing light bulbs is now like chewing rice to me."

He has performed the act in a number of art shows for students in Hanoi universities.

He also warned that no one should practice the act like him because it was very dangerous.

"It takes a lot of time and hard work to master the trick."

Phong is a member of his school's martial arts club.

Watch the clip at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCKSKUItqjE.

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