Hanoi musicians play traditional instruments in glass cases

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Three musicians play traditional musical instruments while enclosed in glass cases.

A free, two-day concert titled "Inside/Outside" opened on Thursday at Hanoi's Kim Ma Theater, featuring musicians playing Vietnamese traditional instruments while enclosed in glass cases.

Dressed in traditional costumes, three musicians played either the dan tranh (zither), the dan bau (monochord zither), or the dan ty ba (pipa) -- Vietnam's three most popular traditional instruments.

Audiences had to come close to each glass case to enjoy the music, with the performers playing different pieces at the same time.

Artist Nguyen Thanh Thuy, who played the dan tranh, told VOV Online that the performances were aimed to let audiences experience a "multi-dimensional interaction between the vision and sounds."

Thuy, who is studying for a doctorate degree at Swede's Malmo Academy of Music, came up with the idea to hold a concert with musicians playing traditional Vietnamese instruments inside glass cases.

The event was part of an international research project called "Music in Movement" and was sponsored by a research association from Sweden.

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