Hanoi museum celebrates Children's Day with cultural exchange

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An event this weekend at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology will see children from different Southeast Asian countries engaging in a culture exchange through music, dance, toy workshops, and folk games.

The "Befriend Southeast Asia" festival will be held on May 28-29 to celebrate International Children's Day (June 1).

Apart from musical and dance performances by the host country, Indonesian children will present a dance "Tari Pendet, Welcome Guests" while the Laotians will twirl to "The Sound of Laotian Pan beautiful homeland."

In addition, children of Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam will present their traditional and national dress.

Children can participate in workshops to make traditional toys using natural materials and hands-on methods, such as figurines made from leaves, and bamboo puppets and animals made from rolled paper.


Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi

They can also participate in educational games and activities from around Southeast Asia. Children can learn to walk on coconut shells (from Laos, Thailand and Indonesia), pebble board games (from Indonesia, Philippine and Vietnam), jumping over hands and feet (from Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam), and spinning tops (from Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam).

Traditional puzzles will help children explore the world around them through riddles and activities about trees, fruits, flowers and animals.

The festival, assisted by the embassies of participating countries, aims to raise awareness about the diverse, but interlinked traditions and cultures of Southeast Asia.

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