Hanoi hosts national ca tru festival

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This year's national ca tru (classical northern chamber music) festival is being held at the Vietnamese Institute for Musicology (VIM) in Hanoi on October 13-16, The Thao & Van Hoa newspaper reported.

The festival, co-organized by VIM and the Department of Cultural Heritage, features 24 ca tru clubs from 15 provinces and cities known as the music's homelands, according to the newspaper.

Artists of all ages will perform in four distinguished performance styles, including hat cua dinh (singing in sacrifices, and festivals), hat cua quyen (singing in royal palace), free-style singing, and a singing contest, the paper said.

According to musician Dang Hoanh Loan, the festival's director, the restoration of such different styles of ca tru aims to diversify and perfect the art as ca tru is often presented improperly nowadays.

As part of the event, a conference on ca tru, recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, was held on October 13.

Like many traditional Vietnamese arts, ca tru was a form of entertainment for the royal court believed to date back to the Ly Dynasty (1009-1225) that later branched out into performances at small inns.

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