Half-nude fashion invitation card raises criticism

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Half-nude photo of 19 models on the invitation card of "Leggy Night 7" fashion show

Invitation cards of an annual fashion fest with half-nude pictures of 19 foreign and local models have been strongly criticized by netizens in Vietnam, a country where scanty wearing is likely to face public censure.

The invitation card of "Leggy night 7", set to take place at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City on May 20, is designed like an envelope sent to Vietnam from the US.

Photos attached on it show 15 female and four male modes having their intimate parts covered and are posed so that they do not show too much flesh as they are not wearing anything.

Most of the models are from the Venus Modeling Company, organizer of the program.

When first pictures of the invite were posted on the personal page of its author Vu Khac Tiep, director of Venus Modeling, they have caused mixed opinions among local netizens.

A few people think that the idea is new and interesting while the rest disapprove and claimed that it is offensive and not appropriate for such large show which requires all participants to formally dress.

Some say that the organizers copied the idea of posing nude from western showbiz, but as the models were shot separately, the photo is just a cheap imitation and clumsy photoshop work.

Some also criticize the card for misrepresenting the show and showing disrespect towards the audiences, as such nudity cannot exist in the actual show and many also think the photo is nothing more than a cheap.

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 7 has discussed with Tiep about the issue.

Vo Trong Nam, deputy head of the department, said he himself find the photo on the invite is inappropriate with the Vietnamese traditional habits and customs.

"Though those invites are not required to have permission, they are still part of the show anyway, so we will warn the organizer against using such a titillating, inappropriate photo," Nam said.

After working with the department, Tiep has agreed to fix some details on the card by making some sensitive part of the model's body blurred and the American flag on the invite will also be removed. The rest will be keep as its original version.

"These invitation cards are only for internal circulation and I have never intended to use any of them in the show," Tiep said.

"Leggy Night" is an annual activity in Vietnam modeling industry. Being organized for the seventh time now, Leggy Nigth has made a great impression and received many compliments from models, artist and concerned people. It can be said that Leggy Night has become a "brand name" and is one of the most expected fashion event of the year.

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