Grilla Step brings free krump performances to Vietnam

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The "world's only krump band" Grrilla Step from Australia will perform a free concert, titled Summer Krump, for Hanoi students at the National Economics University on Friday, May 27, at 8 p.m.

Grrilla Step brought together DJ Dexter Fabay with four members of the Melbourne krump crew Royal Fam, and four Papua New Guinean log drummers. The band arrived in Hanoi on May 25.

Krumping features exaggerated and highly energetic standing moves. There are three levels of intensity including krump, buck, amp which can be expressed in diversified moves.

"The krumpers are really spontaneous. They rehearse a foundation but it can go anywhere," said DJ Dexter Fabay.

"Grrilla Step's background and performance style is unlike anything Hanoi audiences will have seen before. The group shows how young Australians are finding new ways to express themselves across cultural backgrounds and experiences," said Mr Allaster Cox, Australian Ambassador to Vietnam.

In Hanoi, Grrilla Step will conduct dance exchanges with students from RMIT University Vietnam and the National Economics University.

The group will also perform at the CAMA Festival on 28
May, raising money for Flora and Fauna International (FFI).

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