Gifts to Hanoi make Vietnam records

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Vietnam's Book of Records has added 19 gifts that artists gave to Hanoi in celebration of its ongoing millennial anniversary, VietNamNet reported Monday.


One of the gifts is a 404 square meter flag which has been flying in Hanoi since the opening of the Friday's opening ceremonies.


The country's largest flag had been offered to King Ly Cong Uan, who moved the capital from Ninh Binh Province to Hanoi a thousand years ago, and his predecessors.


A bronze and wood copy of the "Edict on the Moving of the Capitol" written by King Ly Cong Uan, took another size record. It weighs nearly 5.5 tons and spans 4.58 meters in width and 3.85 meters in height.


The frame is made out of precious wood and the words are gilded bronze.


Xuan La village in Hanoi, another record winner, was honored as the only village in the country still making traditional to he, an edible children's toy fashioned out of rice powder.


Other records were given to the biggest pho roll, the biggest turtle (made out of grilled cuttle-fish), the tallest vase made in the famous Bat Trang village, the biggest lantern, the largest group of bronze drum serving a celebration, and the longest and most sophisticated sets of ao dai.


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