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Though the Swedes have traditionally gotten through the winter on salted meats and imported food items, Gert Klotzke, a famed Swedish chef is very proud of his country's vegetable and forest products.

 "In Sweden people try to live healthy with a lot of exercise and good vegetables, organic but not fast food," Klotzke told Thanh Nien Weekly prior to Nordic Week at the Orientica Restaurant at Hotel Equatorial Ho Chi Minh City from 1 to 8 October.

The week will conclude with a five-course dinner this Saturday accompanied by Italian and French wine. VND 1.45 Million per person.

Roughly 60 locals attended a trio of cooking classes presented by Klotzke and his colleagues, a representative from the Hotel said.

Klotzke said he inherited the passion from his father (who is also a chef) but his food is more modern. The august chef has written 12 cook books, most of them about game, hunting and how to stay fit his last book was co-authored by Gunde Svan, an Olympic champion.

Traditionally Swedes smoke their meat or salt them to keep food for a long time (up to six months).

According to Klotzke, the basics of his country's cuisine remain the same while the techniques develop and change. Sweden's scallop-rich coastline has made the shellfish a traditional staple of the national cuisine.  Klotzke adds a modern twist to the dish by sealing them in a Vacuum bag for 12 hours or more to tenderize the shellfish and then roasts them at 33 C. He also use Vacuum bag to prepare cow cheek, which he marinates in a splash of red wine.

"He's open to new ideas while many older Chefs stick to the old track. He is in touch with his cooking roots but never afraid of changes and new ideas. He really likes new machine which help the cooking better and easier," Martin Isaksson, a pastry chef from Sweden told Thanh Nien Weekly.

Gert Klotzke who spent a dozen years in France, England and Japan is open to all cuisine in the world. "I try to know the most modern way to cook, maybe I will not use that way of cooking but I should know and read cook books. We should take advantage of people who know more than us."

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