German painter to present 'Mental Places' at Hanoi exhibit

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A solo painting exhibition by German Martin Schuster, who has studied art in both his native country and in Vietnam, will take place at 6 p.m. on July 13 at House 18 in Hanoi.

"Mental Places" shows inner pictures which evoke the Vietnam experience through the idea of collective dreams, whishes and fears, according to the  artist, who studied at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

"While being in Hanoi, the time of making art gave me a space to concentrate and to ease which I found hard in this busy city," said Schuster in a press release this week.

"The change of my environment made me aware of how strong the influence places have on our state of mind. I was putting the focus of my works subconsciously on surroundings and locations. Therefore the pictures I'm showing barely involve stories between people, they are rather meant to trigger the viewers' imagination of being at the depicted place and get a feeling about the atmosphere I tried to achieve."

To capture intense moments and significant locations, the painter delved into issues like religion, isolation, joy and salvation.

House 18 is located on alley 275 Au Co Street, Hanoi. Entrance is free.

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