German film to be shown in Ho Chi Minh City

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Kirschbluten-Hanami (Cherry Blossom), a 2008 film by famous German film director Doris Dorrie, will be screened on Tuesday June 28 at the Idecaf theater in Ho Chi Minh City.


Starring Elmar Wepper, Hannelore Elsner and Aya Irizuki, the film tells the story of Rudi and Trudi.


Rudi had always wanted to become a Butoh dancer but was never able to realize her wish to visit Japan, where the dance originated following World War II. At that time her husband worked for the government and he just wanted to relax at home after work.


The older they got the stronger their marriage became, and they settled into a routine. When Trudi learns that her husband is unlikely to live much longer, she tries to keep this a secret and asks him to visit their children with her. It is a disappointing trip and then they to the beach, where, one day, it is Trudi who never wakes up.


After the death of his beloved wife, Rudi decides to visit his son in Japan on his own. 


Tickets are on sale at Idecaf, 31 Thai Van Lung, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city for VND15,000.


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