German contemporary dance & 80's film week in Vietnam

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Marking 35 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Vietnam, German Year in Vietnam will continue in June with German dance choreographers in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and German 80's film week in Hanoi.

The German contemporary dance "Maybe forever" will be performed in Hanoi on June 4 and in HCMC on June 8.

Created by Meg Stuart and Philipp Gehmacher, the dance illustrates the artists' points of view regarding the struggle of man against man, where people wrestle with each other and with the fact that nothing lasts forever.

The lullabies of singer-songwriter Niko Hafkenscheid accompany the dancers on stage. Hafkenscheid sings of love and longing while the dance, performed by the choreographers, speaks of the end of love, pain and memory. Stuart is considered one of the key figures in international contemporary dance, using everyday movements to create a new aesthetic of dance. In 2009, Gehmacher was the first in the field of dance to be awarded the Austrian

Award by the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture. People in Hanoi can get free tickets at the Goethe Institute in Hanoi at 56-58 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Tickets for the performance at the HCMC Opera House on Dong Khoi Street are available at the Goethe Institute in HCMC at 18, Road No. 1, Do Thanh Apartment Building, District 3.

Together with "Maybe forever", German 80's film week will charm film lovers in Hanoi

From June 7-13, a series of German films from the 80's will be shown in Hanoi as part of the events celebrating German Year in Vietnam. Free tickets are available at the Goethe-Institute Hanoi, tel (04) 3 734 2251.

Below is our pick:

Bildnis einer Trinkerin (Ticket of No Return) directed by Ulrike Ottinger, to be shown June 7.

An elegant and wealthy woman, referred to only as "˜she' in the film, decides to go to Berlin and dedicate herself to her passion, drinking. Her plan to drink her way through the entire city becomes a sight-seeing tour where she is accompanied by a poor woman drunkard she meets at the train station.

Der Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire) directed by Wim Wenders, to be shown June 12.

Angels Damiel and Cassiel dare to defy God and are sent to earth as punishment. They wander around Berlin, visible only to children, and are fascinated by the human existence. They stroll through people's minds, eavesdrop on random thoughts and dream of experiencing even the simplest of sensations.

For his masterpiece Der Himmel über Berlin, Wenders was awarded Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival.

Die bleierne Zeit (Marianne and Juliane) directed by Margarethe von Trotta, to be shown June 10.

This film is about two middle class sisters, one, Juliane, who is the editor of a woman's magazine, the other, Marianne, is an underground terrorist. Both fight for justice in their own way; while Juliane writes about women's rights, Marianne is certain that her goals can only be reached with violence. When Marianne dies in prison, Julian does not believe it was suicide and gets more and more entangled in the life of her dead sister.

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