From erotica to kids books

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After her debut novel Soi xich (The chain) got her into trouble with authorities, singer Le Kieu Nhu has released her first children's book, named Cong chua chim sau va hoang tu meo (The flower-peaker princess and cat prince).

Soi xich was lambasted by many newspapers for containing sex and bad writing.

After Soi xich was withdrawn last March, Nhu told the press that the she began working on the children's book right after she finished her ill-reputed novel. Phuong Dong (Orient) publishing company has published 2,000 copies of Cong chua chim sau va hoang tu meo.

Nhu also told the press that she tried to draw all the cartoons herself and asked a friend to complete the graphic design for the book.

Nhu says that she will donate the proceeds from books to a charity that gives hundreds of books to orphans reared at Dieu Giac Pagoda in District 2.

She now plans to author a serial comic strip.

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