French version of Dien Bien Phu Victory released in France

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A collection of eye witness accounts and memories of the famous Dien Bien Phu victory over French colonialists, narrated by veterans of that campaign, has been released in France.

Forty-six years after the event that ended French rule in Vietnam, and on the 35th anniversary of National Reunification Day, Dien Bien Phu - vu d'en face (Dien Bien Phu - View from the other side) was released at the Page 189 bookstore in Paris.

Published by Nouveau Monde, this is the French version of a memoir on Dien Bien Phu stories collected by a group of journalists and independent citizens over three years that was published last year in Vietnam.

The authors carried out nearly 200 interviews with Dien Bien Phu witnesses, together with their photos taken in 1954 and at present. The new approach to writing history was widely welcomed by readers in Vietnam.

Earlier in April (22- 25), journalist Dang Duc Tue, a coauthor of the book, participated in the sixth international conference of investigative journalists in Geneva, Switzerland. Tue shared with the participants his team's experiences in collecting information and pursuing ideas, especially the difficulties they faced since the event had taken place three decades ago.

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