French music hits Hanoi

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L'Espace, the French culture center in Hanoi, has prepared a variety of new programs for the coming summer. All performances will begin at 8pm at 24 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District"”unless otherwise noted.

-- April 20 21 Mouron, a French female vocalist, will perform accompanied by pianist Terry Truck. Puzzle, a local band, will open the set with songs in French, English and Vietnamese. (Ticket price is from VND 50,000 to VND100).

--April 23, 8pm Famed pianist Roger Muraro will play a concert at the Hanoi Opera House 1 Tran Tiem, Hoan Kiem District. Muraro won the Tchaikovski award in Moscow and has performed with philharmonic orchestras in Berlin, Paris, Vienna and London. (Tickets cost between VND 50,000"”VND 200,000).

--May 4 Francois Audrain a French singer-songwriter who  will put on a night of electronic music (Ticket prices range from VND 50,000"”  VND100).

--May 12  Sophia Charai who plays accordion, banjo, guitar gypsy and contrabass will perform a live concert. The Moroccan vocalist's musical style has been described as international"”a fusion of French, Indian, and Latin sounds. (Ticket price is from VND 50,000"”VND100).

For more information please call L'Espace at (04) 3936 2164.

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