French music festival to celebrate its 30th birthday

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Fête de la Musique, the annual music festival founded by the French Ministry of Culture and Information in 1981, will be held at Ho Chi Minh City's IDECAF on June 17.

This year's music fest will include performances from Vietnam Idol finalists like Leu Phuong Anh and Tran Lan Nha. Up-and-comer Mai Quoc Viet, who is famous for imitating the voices of top local singers, will also perform at the fest with his band It's Time.

The hip-hop crew BigSouth, rock band Dreamers and Thai bands Omega and Scooter are also expected to perform at the annual event.  

The music festival will also welcome performances from students at the Marguerite Duras French International High School.

The festival, which is held in more than 100 countries, seeks to present a wide range of musical genres to the public and encourage both amateur and professional musicians to perform in the streets during June.

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