French film contest to develop Vietnam's 3D potential

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PanamAnim, a French filmmaking contest, has been extended to Vietnam.

Pascal Chinarro, one of the judges, made the announcement on Monday during a visit to Hanoi to introduce the contest.

He said the 3D technology in Vietnam is developing and he wants to create an opportunity for young Vietnamese people to develop their ideas and potential, the Hanoi Moi newspaper reported.

Chinarro, who's in Vietnam for the second time, said winners will earn the opportunity to work with famous firms such as Pixar or Delapost Paris, the latter founded by Chinarro.

The contest used to be an exhibition for 2D and 3D films produced by young French makers. Its scale was enlarged this year towards becoming an international event.

Before arriving in Vietnam, Chinarro visited China and Japan, explaining the contest and seeking candidates.

He said the contest will also accept stop motion entries. While creativity and technical investment is appreciated, the meaning of the product will be a decisive factor in winning, he added.

Vietnam has launched several 3D animation products in recent years, most of them short ones of between 10-15 minutes. Work is underway on a 3D movie featuring the famous Vietnamese folk tale, Thach Sanh, featuring a strong, kind, honest and forgiving hero.

Nguyen Hong Quan, a Vietnamese young director, said Monday that the 3D technology has become more important in Vietnam.

"Most advertisement films, or difficult scenes in motion pictures such as explosions, shots from high in the sky or from the ocean depths, are using 3D technology. It has been a tool saving time, labor and expenses," Quan said.

Entries to the contest will be received by September 10 at Arena Multimedia School at 80 Truc Khe Street, Hanoi, the school's southern campus at 212 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, or via email at

The contest is sponsored by Dove, IBM, Cardilac, Ogilvy and Ford.

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