Five things you should do to ensure a lucky and wealthy Monkey year

By Dang Hanh, Thanh Nien News

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The coming lunar year is the Year of the Monkey, a species that is well-known for its smartness and activeness.
So the year named after the animal is believed to be an eventful one, offering chances to both experienced entrepreneurs or start-ups.
According to feng shui gurus, there are some tricks that can help you snag even more chances in your career and private life if only you remember to practice them during the very first days of the new year.
Buy small packs of lucky salt on the first day of the new year:
This folk custom is to make sure that you have a flavorful year, with luck, health and wealth as abundant as the grains of salt. Moreover, the salt is so “strong” that it can ward off bad luck and evil from your home (everyone prefers sweet and so do evil spirits).
Tip: If you don’t know where to buy the lucky salt, just walk out of your house and there will be street vendors in the first few days of the new year.
 Salt is believed to bring you a lucky year. File photos.
Choose the perfect first guest to come to your house:
According to traditional beliefs, the monkey, the rat and the dragon are the profitable three in the 12 animals of the zodiac. Therefore, people born in a rat or dragon year will be very lucks in the Year of the Monkey. They are also a perfect guest to step into your house on the first day of the new year, sharing with you their luck and bringing you endless joy.
Tip: Cannot find a friend who was born in one of these lucky years? Don’t worry, just throw pieces of food around your kitchen, and the perfect guests, the real rats, will come in minutes.
 People born under the auspices of a rat is perfect to enter any house this lunar new year.
Go East for good wealth
Feng shui masters advise that you should go east on the first day of this new year to get lots of wealth and new career opportunities. If you are seeking nothing except love, go south, a direction that is perfect for Cupid to draw his bow and take accurate aim.
Tip: For single people who are looking for a special one in Hanoi: why don’t you start a new year with a friendly golf match at the Long Bien golf course, just 20 minutes from the center of Hanoi to the south? Maybe you could find your better half playing there. Or a new business partner, both of whom are good for you.
For people in Ho Chi Minh City: head to the commercial center in district 2, where you may bump into your God of fortune. And love seekers, go somewhere in the Phu My Hung Urban Area, your better half may be waiting for you in a Korean restaurant. But don’t forget to take a full wallet with you.
Whoever wants to be noticed by Cupid should go south this Tet.
Start work on the first day of the new year:
Don’t yell at me, I won’t ask you to work during this holiday. Just turn on the computer as if you are about to work or read a report, or just type some words. That is enough to make sure that you will have a smooth year and a fruitful career. If you are a cook, heat up your oven for a while (you don’t actually need to cook anything) and that will ensure your oven is always hot during the year.
Tip: Playing cards on this occasion is a good way to know if your new year will be lucky or not. Just make sure to put aside some change for the taxi so that you can get home afterwards.
Turn on your laptop on the first day of the new year could make your work easier and smoother during a whole year.
Bring a small plant home:
The coming year is also a fire year, one of the five main elements in feng shui (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth). A fire year is believed to be full of events, changes and opportunities. To ensure that all the changes are for the good, bring home a small plant, since the "wood" element (such as logs of firewood) is believed to make the “fire” alive. Do not do any washing on the first day since too much water could extinguish your lucky fire.
Tip: A pot of garden mums, which are coming into season, will bring good luck and brighten your home as well.
 Flowers could bring you good luck and also brighten up your home.

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