First made-in-Vietnam video game uses Dien Bien Phu setting

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A Vietnamese 3D-graphic shooting game set in the times of the famous 1954 Dien Bien Phu battle against the French army will be released next February in North America, the game's developer has announced.

The first major video game developed by a Vietnamese company, 7554 will be exclusively available for PCs at US$12, Emobi Games Company told the PR newswire.

It was also set to be released in Vietnam this December 16, the newswire reported.

The Hanoi-based company said the game gets its name from May 7, 1954 - the day the French army in the northern province of Dien Bien surrendered to Vietnamese soldiers, and shortly after, ended their occupation of Indochina.

The backdrop for this first person shooter (FPS) game is set in Vietnam during the period between 1946 and 1954, when the Vietnamese people struggled against French domination and triumphed at the world famous battle, Emobi Games said, adding that the game's characters, however, are fictional.

Emobi Games director Nguyen Tuan Huy said in the newswire that: "There has never been a video game of this size and scope from Vietnam and that fact alone gives us a lot of national pride. It is our privilege and our challenge to create a first person shooter that gamers will enjoy playing.

"And though 7554 is based on historical events, it is not an attempt to recreate the past, but rather a vehicle meant for entertainment," he added.

The game was first scheduled for release on November 26, but was delayed for more than three weeks in order to fix faults in its demo version introduced to gamers before.

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