First European Literature Day to introduce Vietnamese translations of famous works

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Hanoi will host the country's first European Literature Day on May 27 and 28.


A book fair held the mark the event will feature books from Wallonie-Bruxelles, Italy, Germany, France, and Denmark for both adults and children.All the books will be presented in the original language as well as their Vietnamese translation.


On May 27, the Goethe Institute will host an evening of Italian and German literature.Italian embassy officials will introduce new translations of the classic "Se questo è un Uomo" (If This is a Man) by Primo Levi and two children's books "Lo stralisco" and "Mattia e il nonno" (Mattino and his grandfather) by Roberto Piumini.


Four German books will be launched in the Vietnamese market during the fair: "Schweigeminute" (Moment of Silence), a love story by Siegfried Lenz; fantasy novel "Nijura. Das Erbe der Elfenkrone" (Nijura. The Heritage of the Elf Queen) by the successful young Vietnamese-German author Jenny Mai Nguyen; Daniel Kehlmann's Die Vermessung der Welt (Measuring the World); and David Safier's Mieses Karma (Lousy Karma).


The following day, the French Cultural Institute, L' Espace, will present "Encyclopédie Larousse des 6/9 ans" (Larousse Encyclopedia for 6-9 year olds) and new children's books by Claude Roy.


Young Vietnamese readers will also enjoy access to a new series of Belgian novels by Amélie Nothomb.


In addition,the children's book "A journey" will be presented which is the result of a Vietnamese-Danish co-production, is published in two languages, and has received much positive attention in Denmark. The Vietnamese version is published by Kim Dong Publishing House.


Admission to both events is free.


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