Film on disputed Vietnamese islands to be screened in Europe

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French filmmaker André Menras, who also holds a Vietnamese citizenship under the name Ho Cuong Quyet, is set to tour some European countries in February to promote his documentary "Hoang Sa Viet Nam: Noi dau mat mat" (Vietnam Hoang Sa: the pain of loss) in February.

The film, which premiered last June at a seminar on East Sea issues in Paris, is about the problems Vietnam faces due to China's encroachment of her islands.

The 56-minute documentary explores the lives of the women and children left behind by fishermen husbands and fathers who have gone missing at sea and/or have been impoverished by China's policies in the East Sea.

In an email to Thanh Nien, Menras said he would urge people seeking peace and justice to apply as honorary citizens of Hoang Sa Archipelago to affirm Vietnam's sovereignty over it.

His European tour will be supported by Vietnamese living in France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.

In France, the screenings will begin after a meeting with students in Lyon on February 5.

A screening in Toulouse on France's southern coast will begin with a meeting with fishermen.

Screenings in Germany, the Czech Republic, and some other countries will follow. Menras said many people in France had encouraged his screening plans as well as Vietnam's defense of its territorial rights.

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