Fifth Ocean toasts Thang Long-Hanoi Anniversary with "live' beer

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In celebration of its first birthday on September 9 as well as Thang Long-Hanoi Millennium Anniversary, Fifth Ocean Vietnam has launched a special promotion program to thank its partners and customers.

As a premium "˜live' beer, Fifth Ocean is the only beer in Vietnam that is completely natural without any preservatives. The beer is nutritious, containing vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and PP. It helps provide energy, strengthen the immune system, prevent skin diseases and fatigue, and improve blood circulation.

"What separates live beer Fifth Ocean from other products is that its yeast is kept fresh and live during product life time. No yeast filtration and pasteurization like draught beers and no preservatives used by bottled beers are needed."

The special mobile after-fermentation tank, a technological innovation patented by Fifth Ocean in Russia and 50 other countries, keeps the beer fresh throughout production, distribution and storage until it is served to beer lovers anywhere, at any time.

On the occasion of its first birthday, Fifth Ocean Vietnam will run a "buy two get one free" promotion from September 9 to 30.

From October 1 to 10, the company will launch a "buy one get one free" promotion and offer additional gifts to customers to celebrate the Thang Long-Hanoi Millennium Anniversary.

Customers will be able to experience authentic Russian festive atmosphere with the participation of Fifth Ocean's Russian sales staff.

As the Russian beer producer's motto goes "Live with live beer."

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