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Lit-up streets, elaborate decorations in store fronts, glittering Christmas trees and fake icicles everywhere Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are getting into the swing for the festive season.

The two cities will also host several festivals and exhibition from December 24 onward.

The first Vietnam Lantern Exhibition in the country will be held from December 24, 2010 to February 10, 2011 at Ho Tay Water Park in Hanoi.

The exhibition will display 100 colorful lanterns created by Vietnamese and Chinese artists, depicting the land and the people of Vietnam, the capital city of Hanoi and lotus flowers.

The opening ceremony, to be held on Christmas eve, will see 100 Santa Clauses giving presents to children. There will be several other entertainment activities, including art, magic and circus performances.

A children's circus play Bi mat kim tu thap (Secret of the pyramids) will debut on Christmas eve at Hanoi-based Vietnam Central Circus.

The play, co-produced by Vietnam Circus Federation and Youth Theater, and Hanoi Drama Theater, is a journey to the ancient land of Egypt and an exploration of its famous pyramids.

Vu Ngoan Hop, director of Vietnam Circus Federation, said the circus show is a blend of acrobatics with other genres of art like drama and comedy. "We developed this innovative format to meet the demands of audiences nowadays," he said.

According to director Minh Vuong, who also plays the role of the queen in the play, the story of the play has a lot of moral lessons for youngsters like bravery, filial love, and the importance of friendship.

On December 24-25, the Saigon Zoological and Botanical Garden in HCMC will be transformed into a snow city in a two-day festival, Yeah1 Wonderland.

There will be plenty of entertainment with street art performances, carnival, teen shows, and music by popular local singers, including Thanh Thao, Nguyen Vu, and Quang Vinh.

Vietnam Youth Federation, which launched Tinh nguyen mua dong (Winter volunteer) program this December is encouraging attendees to donate winter clothing for the poor living in northern mountainous provinces.

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