Fashion Café opens in Ho Chi Minh City to promote ao dai

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Vietnam's first Fashion Café opened in Ho Chi Minh City to promote ao dai and other Vietnamese traditional costumes.

The avenue's first show, entitled "Miss Saigon," featured Vietnam's traditional dresses for women.

Accordingly, the show's four collections included ao dai (Vietnamese long dress), mandarin gown, yem dao (Vietnamese style brassiere) and modern dresses.

The café also displays permanently other collections of ao dai in different periods. The exhibitions include ao dai's dressmaking materials, different kinds of traditional silks, threads, and a collection of books in arts and fashion, some of which are highlighting the history of ao dai, Vietnam's national dress for women.

In addition, fashion lovers will be treated to different kinds of drinks from the north, central and south of Vietnam at Fashion Café, located at 115 Ly TuTrong St. in Dist.1.

According to the café's investor, designer Vo Viet Chung, Fashion Café is not the first fashion themed establishment in the world, but is innovative in promoting ao dai and Vietnamese traditional clothes in a hip atmosphere while serving authentic local and regional refreshments.

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