Famous folk tale to become 3D film

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The production of a 3D movie featuring the famous Vietnamese folk tale, Thach Sanh, will begin in May.

The script of the film, which will also be called Thach Sanh, took a year to complete. It will be directed by Do Quang Hai Au and produced by Golden Eye Movies.

3D technology will be used in the move, especially the scenes that feature action and fights.

Thach Sanh is the story of the eternal fight between good and evil.

Thach Sanh, an orphan, is befriended by Ly Thong, a wine merchant, and his mother. Thong asks Sanh to be his brother in order to take advantage of the latter's naiveté and loving nature.

Ly Thong inflicts great suffering on the unsuspecting Thach Sanh, but the latter's goodwill and courage prevails in the end.

Thong and his mother are struck by lightning after being let go by Thach Sanh even after their misdeeds come to light, while the latter marries a princess and goes to become a good king.

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