Famous divorced couple 'reunites' for charity

TN News

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After successful joint efforts in 2011, the famous divorced artist couple Thanh Lam and Quoc Trung continue promoting their "artistic reunion" with an event to be held on Valentine's Day to raise funds for poor children with cancer, reported Hanoi Moi newspaper.

The performance, "Thuong" (Love), will take place at the Hanoi Opera House.

In addition to Thanh Lam, famous local performers such as Tung Duong  and Phuong Bac band will also take part in the event.

Thanh Lam said she and Tung Duong have combined frequently to raise money for charity. Through music, she seeks to appeal to other people to assist in the plight of children with dangerous diseases.

"During this performance, we (Thanh Lam and Tung Duong) will sing the most beautiful songs which have been loved by many people. And Quoc Trung will be in charge of the music," she said. 

For the occasion, famous Hanoian painter Le Thiet Cuong will organize an auction of paintings to help raise funds for the charity event.

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