Exhibition features art of becoming a child

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A painting and sculpture exhibition featuring Vietnam's traditional to he (toy figurines) by artist Le Kinh Tai will be held from Oct 21-28 in Hanoi.


To He, Tai's eighth solo exhibition, will display 23 paintings and nine sculptures.


A press release says the artist aspires to make his works metaphors.


"In this metaphorical peruse, his own artwork and career are referred to as the practice and product of a traditional artisan, who has not only never been isolated to (sic) life, but also uses his talent and creativity to give joy, imagination and passion to the world."


The Viet Art Center statement on the exhibition continues: "Right at this moment that the fundamental metaphor of art as a magic wand that could immediately turn its audience into children with a single touch seems to be perfectly manifested.


"In the world which is day by day becoming older and uglier, the ability to become a child seems to be a necessary, even vital need for us to survive," the release says.


To he is a traditional toy for children in Vietnam that is made from glutinous rice powder in the form of figurines such as animals, flowers or characters in folk stories.


The toys were traditionally made and sold mostly during festivals, especially the Lunar New Year festival and the mid-Autumn Festival.


Viet Art Centre is located on 42 Yet Kieu, directly adjacent to the Vietnam University of Fine Arts.


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