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On October 1, 53-year-old artist Y Moan passed away at his home in the Central Highlands.

After months of suffering through the final stages of cancer, Y Moan gave a heart-stopping performance at his first-ever live show called Ngon lua cao nguyen (Highland's flame), on August 6 this year.

On August 4, Moan was granted the honorific, People's Artist. During the ceremony, a state representative conferred a badge from Vietnam's Association of Musical Composers on Y Moan for his great devotion to local music.

Renowned for his unique raw voice, Y Moan was brought into the popular consciousness when he was recognized by famed rock songwriter Nguyen Cuong. Cuong became Y Moan's mentor and spiritual brother for more than 30 years.

Before the live show, Cuong and numerous fellow artists collaborated to help Y Moan release a DVD retrospective featuring 12 performances of his most well-known songs and some documentary video footage.

At the show, Moan said he was really happy that so many of his friends came out to support him, despite the negative health effects that his non-stop rehearsal regimen had had on him.

Noted composer Tran Tien, who saw many of his songs popularized by Y Moan's wild voice, and diva My Linh also expressed their admiration for the vital role Y Moan's singing has played in the country's musical consciousness throughout the years.

Y Moan was born in Buon Ma Thuot Town in Dak Lak Province; however, he has described Hanoi as his second home. "In the beloved capital, I learned how to eat with chopsticks, talk, play musical instruments and sing."

For this reason, he chose Hanoi to organize his first and final concert.

The great loss has reverberated throughout Vietnam's musical community. In accordance with

Y Moan's final wish of "wanting to be close to his wife and children," he was buried in his garden.

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