Embroidery artisan sets record with poem in 18 languages

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An 83-year old artisan from Hue has set a new national record with a set of embroidery works featuring an ancient poem in 18 languages.

The recognition of the special feat was made Saturday, Nov 12, by the Vietnam Records Book Center (Vietkings.)

Kinh's collection of embroidery paintings centers on the famous poem Cao tat thi chung (Report of my illness) composed by Man Giac, a Zen master who lived in 11th century. The highlighted image of the poem is apricot, a national springtime flower icon.

The artisan said he was inspired to embark his work in 2000 by a German tourist named Jeff Bo Bollinger who requested the poem done in German.

Among the 18 languages that he embroidered the poem in are English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Denmark and Thai. The poem has become a best selling product among foreigners.

Kinh, who was born to a family which had a history of embroidering royal costumes in previous centuries, said that wants to finish embroidering the Zen master's poem in more than 20 languages.

Formerly, the elder artisan had come into the limelight with embroidery works on special Shanghai silk featuring President Ho Chi Minh's poem Di Duong (On the way) in both Vietnamese script and calligraphy.

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