Dry car washes come to Hanoi

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For just seven dollars, you can get your car washed just about anywhere, nowadays.

Thanks to new Western technology, the process doesn't use a drop of water.

Waterless carwashes, which became popular in the US and Australia, are now available in Vietnam. The carwash products are supplied by US-based Freedom Company.

Duc Anh Production and Commerce Joint Stock Company, the first unit to offer the service in Vietnam, advertises it as "US-style carwash."

Le Tran Hoang, managing director of the Hanoi company, said this kind of carwash is convenient and saves water.

"The car owners can stop by a café or a tennis yard and call us. By the time they leave, the car is cleaned,"Hoang was cited by VnExpress as saying Friday. "It doesn't take up a minute of their time."

He added that the service has already become popular here among luxury car drivers.

Hoang said the water-based products, branded 101 in Vietnam, are a hundred percent natural and biodegradable.

The technique utilizes a layer of polymer on the cover of the car to remove dust.

A special cloth capable of absorbing the dust is used to wipe down the vehicle.

Each carwash team has four members. It takes around half an hour to wash the outside of the car.

Customers can ask to have the inner parts washed as well, with more special chemicals.

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