Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to thrill Vietnam

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A scene of TNT's theatrical version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The New Theater Company (TNT) from Britain is returning to Vietnam this March as part of its world tour with the popular play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The theater adaptation from a novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson will be staged at the opera houses in Hanoi (one show at 7.30pm on March 4) and Ho Chi Minh City (four shows — at 11am on Mar 7 and at 7.30pm from Mar 6 – 8).

The play tells the story of a man whose personality is split by chemicals between the good and the bad – the original Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde respectively.

The theater says in a press release: “Mr Hyde is indeed a distillation of pure evil, but Dr Jekyll (starring veteran actor Richard Croughan) does not purge himself of evil when he creates Hyde. On the contrary, it reveals later that Jekyll is indeed more evil than Hyde since the latter appears to have no choice whereas Jekyll has choice and chooses to release Hyde onto the unsuspecting world due to his longing to be him.

“What is more, he is intoxicated by the thrill of becoming Hyde, surrenders to the temptation to be his evil self, and is besotted by Hyde. Eventually Jekyll can no longer choose when to be Hyde or not as his will has surrendered to his desire.”

Noted novelist, poet, and travel writer Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 – 1894) ranks among the 26 most translated authors in the world. His famous works include Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Vietnam is one of the stops in a world tour of 20 countries in 22 weeks. As a result, says producer Grantly Marshall, the production stays the same whether it is performed in London or Costa Rica, and the local audience gets to see a performance which is as much like the original as possible.

Prior to Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde co-scripted by Paul Stebbings and Phil Smith and choreographed by Eric Tessier-Lavigne, TNT have performed a number of times in Vietnam, putting on productions of  Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Gulliver’s Travels.

For more information go to adg-europe.com/JEKYLL_HYDE

For tickets: go to vnpac.org; contact the Vietnam Performing Arts Center, tel: (04) 3747 8658; log on to ticketbox.vn; or email info@adg-europe.com

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