Disney hopes for anti-piracy headway with blu-ray discs

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Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment is releasing its movies on high-quality, blu-ray discs in Vietnam, hoping the new technology will promote use of original products.

The movies are being released through regional licensee Innoform Media, a leading distributor of Hollywood titles in the Southeast Asian region, and national distributor Phuong Nam Corporation.

Vietnamese movie-lovers will be able to purchase legitimate Disney DVDs at all Phuong Nam Film's bookstores at the retail price of US$3.30 for old titles and US$4.00 for new releases like Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3 and Oscar winning Up.

More titles are due to hit the stores toward the end of this year, including Prince of Persia (The sands of time), The Last Song and Camp Rock 2 The final jam.

Innoform Media plans to release five to eight Disney DVDs each month on blu-ray discs at very competitive prices.

An Innoform representative said they hoped that the local blu-ray development will partly prevent piracy of DVDs and make people realize the benefit of using legitimate products.

Innoform and Disney are not just fighting pirated discs but also HD Internet downloads, the representative said, adding it was harder to copy blu-ray discs.

With previous experience in Asian markets like Hong Kong and Singapore, Innoform will deploy effective marketing strategies including sales promotion and bonus gifts from the Disney store, the representative said.

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