Dep Fashion Show's success marred by copycat allegations

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The tenth annual Dep Fashion Show made a splash but critics say some of the featured designs were copycats of items by world-famous designers

One of local Ly Qui Khanh's outfits in DFS 10 (R) is rumored to be too reminiscent of British legend Alexander McQueen's costumes in haute couture show in 2009.

The audience's collective jaw dropped as model Thanh Hang underwent surgery while swinging over the stage in a skin-tight costume depicting human organs.

Hang wrapped up the show in a see-through outfit that made her look like she was bearing a fetus. The small baby in her nylon belly was a doll whose face was reminiscent after the designer's.

Hang's unique clothes were part of Nguyen Cong Tri's latest collection called "No4 -2011."

Designer Truong Thanh Hai showed off glow-in-the-dark outfits, while up-and-coming designer Kelly Bui brought out black and red costumes depicting Japanese Kendo fencing.

Some said the Dep Fashion Show was the greatest show the Vietnamese fashion industry had ever put on: professional, impressive, unique, and, as its Vietnamese name "Dep" indicates, beautiful.

However, website pointed out that the outfits presented by designer Ly Qui Khanh were all-too-reminiscent of British legend Alexander McQueen's haute couture show. One of Cong Tri's designs was also said to be mimic of a piece in Herpes's avant-garde collection presented at Paris Fashion Week in March.

The website also claimed that the models' hairstyles while showcasing designer Devon Nguyen's "Swan Lake" collection on the catwalk, resembled the McQueen's models magnificently sculpted hair at Paris Fashion Week.

Netizens have also accused other designers of ripping of Dior and Iris Van Herpen designs as well.

The local designers have remained silent on the issue.

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