Decades of Mercedes-Benz to be unveiled

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Celebrating the 125th birthday of Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes Fascination Motorshow to Hanoi will take place at Giang Vo Exhibition Centre from June 9-12.

This event will offer an overview of automotive technology and lifestyle from Mercedes-Benz throughout 125 years of innovation.

On this special occasion, Mercedes Fascination Motoshow will unveil decades of success from when Karl Benz invented the world's first automobile and patented it in 1886 until the latest class today. There are four zones in this exhibition including 125-year zone, luxury zone, AMG (car for sport and racing) zone and the main zone for young elites.

During Mercedes Fascination Motoshow, Hanoi car lovers will have a chance to see an exclusive display of authentic car parts and the components it takes to build a complete luxury car.

Mercedes Celebrity Club will be launched as one of activities, which will help associate the famous automobile with the trendiness of current day fashion and art.

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