Danish embassy to pilot small grant project

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The Danish Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) will offer small art grants of up to US$1,000 for small, well-established projects.

With a total budget of $5,000, the micro-grants will run through 2011 and will have no submission deadline. If this experimental project succeeds, it will become a crucial part of the CDEF Fund.

The criteria for the minor grants are the same as for the regular CDEF grant, which emphasizes innovative, modern and trendy projects.

With a shorter processing time, no deadline and a simpler application form, the new project also gives local artists a flexible financial solution for their small-scale scheme or part of a larger scale one.

The artists can use the grants to cover materials, equipment, costumes, printing costs, venue fees and logistical set-ups.

Only local individuals and organizations can apply, in either Vietnamese or English.

A decision will be announced within a maximum of four weeks after the applications are submitted to the Danish Embassy.

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